Tatting for January 2 and 3, 2011

I’ve finished round three on the pair of cousin doilies. No pictures at this time; natural light escapes me in the evening. Perhaps next Sunday I’ll have something to show you.

I’ve fiddled around with the fourth round of the friend doily for a couple of days. It’s been ages since I’ve had to do any ring-and-thread tatting, and I finally had to rewatch the relevant part of Learn the Easy Art of Needle Tatting and More to relearn it. Then I had to fiddle around with the front-side part until I had it worked out.

In other tatting news: I started working a vintage pattern yesterday, and all I can say is: What were they thinking? Who would actually want to do that? Perhaps more later.

Project sources

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Tatting for December 31, 2010

Original round three

Remember how I suggested that I might remove and retat round three on this doily?

New round three


Clipping off completed tatting is a character-developing experience, but I hope you’ll agree that the results are worth it. I added two double stitches to each chain, thus reducing the stretched look of the previous version.

In other tatting news, I’ve completed round two on the pair of cousin doilies, and round three on one of them. They’re ruffled doilies, so scanning after round two is not going to work, and I will be forced to try to take a photo of my progress. Taking a photo of my tatting kind of freaks me out. Lighting and all that.

I also tatted this heart. Just for fun.

Project sources

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Tatting for December 30, 2010

The cousin doily, and a child.

On the left is round two of the doily for my cousin. On the right is the center ring of the doily, to which I added a center ring. I’m not planning to do any more with that piece—just an exercise.

The friend doily, and a first round with a mistake so small I can't even remember it.

Ages ago I promised another friend a doily, too, so I selected a pattern. On the left is the center ring of the doily, which has a minor mistake so I started again. I had to block it after the third ring because it was turning into a cap. I’m inclined to cut off the third round and retat with a different stitch count on the chains. The chain stitch count is the same on the first round as it is on the second, and it’s not a good look further out.

Finally, I tatted up this bookmark for a friend. Not sure that I like the colors—what do you think? Also, downward picot joins may not be the best choice for multi-colored thread—see how the core thread color shows?

Project sources

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The Doily Project

Ages ago, I promised my cousin a doily. Not because I’m a doily person, or that I tat in order to make doilies. The only doily I own is more the size of coaster, and it was crocheted by my grandmother.

Nevertheless, if you want me to tat you something, I’ll do it, if only for the practice.

What you see above is the first round of a pair of doilies for said cousin, for her birthday, back in June. By my best guess, they’re the sixth start I’ve made.

There was always something wrong with the first five. Spacing. Tension. The junction between rings and chains. Needle size. Then I discovered front- and back-side tatting, and I had to start all over again. And then again, because I was still having trouble with the junction between rings and chains. It’s perhaps the easiest doily pattern ever, all rings and chains, but as long as I wasn’t getting that right it was a problem.

This, however, is the last time I’m starting these doilies, because I’m going to finish them. Soon, I hope—she has another birthday in June!

Project sources: Ruffled Doily #17, Ultimate Book of Tatted Doilies, page 12

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Tatting for December 28, 2010

I tatted up three of these motifs (one of my favorite vintage patterns) today. The first two are done in size 10 thread, the first on a size 6 needle and the second on a size 5 needle. I’m still trying to work out the best needle size to use for Lizbeth size 10, and I’m not sure I’m happy with either size.

The third is done in Lizbeth size 20 on a size 7 needle.

This is the first time I’ve scanned any tatting, and it’s frightening to embiggen and examine.

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Learning to tat on my own

I’m a reader. Given the number of tatting tutorials available online, as well as tatting books available through my local library, it seemed possible for me to learn how to tat on my own.

Off I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, where I wandered around for a while before asking someone where the tatting shuttles were located. The salesperson didn’t think they had any, but a few minutes later she found me and said they carried them. So I bought a package of Clover Plastic Tatting Shuttles and three sizes of pearl cotton.

Then I went home and found myself completely stymied by all of the instructions in front of me. It quickly became apparent that I was going to need a person.

Later: Finding a tatting teacher

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Happy Anniversary!

While writing a comment over at Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense earlier today, I realized that one year ago today I had my first tatting lesson. Hence the happy anniversary wishes to myself.

It all started in late 2008. I was in between jobs and had recently completed NaNoWriMo in a mad week-long dash. My first creative act upon completing NaNoWriMo was to paint a paint-by-number. The lines, the numbers, the little pots of paints, someone else making all the artistic decisions—these all soothed my weary brain.

Soon enough, however, I began to cast around for something else. I wanted something I could learn on my own but that was somewhat unorthodox—so no knitting or crocheting for me. The details are lost in a haze of memory, but somewhere, somehow, I stumbled upon tatting.

Tomorrow: Learning to tat on my own.

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