2012 25 Motif Challenge: Motif #1

The first motif of the year is taken from page 11 of Anna Valeire’s My Book No. 3 Tatting Craft: A Real Sampler, over 100 Designs [pdf]. Here’s the original:

I followed the original instructions, blocking before the last row and after. Here is my result:

You’ll notice that the picots on the center rings are longer than that of the original. I’m no fan of using picot gauges, but I like the results. So I used the barrel of a ballpoint pen. The longer picots seem to have led to no open space in the center and an outside border that might could use a few more double stitches.

I’m going to tat up another one using the same size picots but with adjustments and see how it turns out. Pictures to come.

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