New tatting books for my library

Over the holidays I ordered and received a couple of new books for my tatting library.

The first is Rozella Linden’s Easy Tatting. My tatting teacher had this book, and from it I learned how to join the first ring to the last ring in a circle. Also, they’re one-shuttle patterns, and I’ve always been a one-shuttle kind of girl.

The second book is Judith Connors’s Tatting: Adventures with Beads, Shuttle and Needle. I bought this one because of another Judith Connors book I was able to get through interlibrary loan and from which I learned about downward joins. And also because the title included the words “beads” and “needle”. I need more bead experience.

Which is why I also ordered a size 15 steel crochet hook. I have a dozen or so crochet hooks I picked up at a local antique store. The smallest one in that set is size 14 and isn’t quite small enough for some of my beads.

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