I am a tatting artist

I am a runner.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me. The last time I regularly ran was eleven years ago, although I’ve made periodic stabs at it since then. I’m making another stab right now. I even joined a running club. Our first run was yesterday morning. It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, and we ran anyway. I was so far in the back I ran (and walked) mostly by myself. Today there’s a pleasantly sore feeling in my quads and calves.

The only thing that makes me a runner is that I run. Twice a week right now, and more soon to come. I’ve never been very fast, and I don’t expect to be fast in the future. But when I run, I am a runner.

See that tagline up above? “Diary of a tatting artist,” it reads. I certainly tat, but calling myself a tatting artist is a stretch. All anyone (me included) has to do is go on Etsy and run a search on tatting. See the amazing stuff? None of my tatting is at that level—yet. Still, in a few months I hope to list my first item on Etsy, where I already have a store. There’s a lot to be done between now and then. Some is about business, and a lot is about tatting.

Saturday night I tatted and tatted while working on a design for a friend. There’s a simple design I can do right now, and there’s a creative design just beyond my reach. While working on it, I stumbled across two new ideas—my own designs. They’re still in the creation process, but I’m excited about where they might go.

I’m a runner because I run. I’m a tatting artist because I tat, and because I create.

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  1. Donna Kelly says:

    I have tatted for many years and have finished tatted items for sale: baby booties, ear rings, necklaces, on note cards, on tea towels.

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