Tatting for December 30, 2010

The cousin doily, and a child.

On the left is round two of the doily for my cousin. On the right is the center ring of the doily, to which I added a center ring. I’m not planning to do any more with that piece—just an exercise.

The friend doily, and a first round with a mistake so small I can't even remember it.

Ages ago I promised another friend a doily, too, so I selected a pattern. On the left is the center ring of the doily, which has a minor mistake so I started again. I had to block it after the third ring because it was turning into a cap. I’m inclined to cut off the third round and retat with a different stitch count on the chains. The chain stitch count is the same on the first round as it is on the second, and it’s not a good look further out.

Finally, I tatted up this bookmark for a friend. Not sure that I like the colors—what do you think? Also, downward picot joins may not be the best choice for multi-colored thread—see how the core thread color shows?

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2 Responses to Tatting for December 30, 2010

  1. Brenda says:

    I love both doilies. I’m so impressed and want to give up life as I know it just to tat. I LIKE the bookmark. I’m not technical enough to address your downward picot query.

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